Steven Eckhoff

Austin, Texas ·

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I am a knowledgeable engineer with diverse experience. My biggest strength is developing solutions to challenging problems; communicating them; and working with teams to see them implemented successfully.


Languages, Operating Systems & Tools
  • Go
  • Javascript
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Bash
  • Vue.js
  • JQuery
  • Linux
  • Git
Data Management
  • Firestore
  • NoSQL
Containers & Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • RESTful APIs
Embedded Systems
  • Linux
  • U-Boot
  • Firmware
  • Drivers
  • Board Bring Up
  • ARM SOCs
  • ARM Cortex M0 and M3
  • 8051
  • I2C
  • I2S
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • UART
  • GDB
  • Yocto
  • LTIB
  • Logic Analyzers
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Schematics


Focuser is a web application that helps users stay focused and tracks their time spent on projects.

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Gopher Cache

Gopher Cache is a puzzle game I developed that will get users outside learning about new places.

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Senior Software Engineer


  • Working with a talented team using Golang and other modern Web technologies to build Ad Tech services that drive growth

March 2021 - Present

Software Development Engineer II

Amazon Inc.

  • Created software that runs on millions of Echo devices
  • Designed and developed a system with C++ to automate the posting of file based metrics to a logging service API
  • Built a metrics file system using FUSE and C++
  • Developed a workflow for deploying Secure Boot to new platforms
  • Performed debugging, communication and implementation for several major issues
  • Performed numerous software maintenance tasks such as applying upstream security patches to resolve CVEs

February 2019 - February 2020

Embedded Software Engineer

Tempo Semiconductor Inc.

  • Designed and communicated numerous software solutions to engineering leadership
  • Developed a web based firmware build system with Python, Django, and MySQL to simplify firmware management, customization and building
  • Created a DSP equalizer application using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript, D3.js and C++
  • Wrote an Android backend in Java to control devices attached to a USB audio bridge
  • Created and upstreamed audio drivers to the Linux kernel
  • Developed asynchronous USB ADC/DAC firmware
  • Created firmware for an Apple Lightning accessory device
  • Implemented C++ DSP library and HAL for real-time biquad manipulation and frequency response calculation
  • Designed an algorithm to do efficient, real-time tone detection

May 2016 - February 2019

Software Engineer

International Biomedical Inc.

  • Created software with C for an infant warmer to manage audio, manage data streams and message queues to external devices
  • Designed and implemented an external device simulator for testing and local development
  • Implemented an audio tuning application in C and GTK
  • Created software subsystems in C to manage audio, data streams, and message passing to external devices
  • Designed an external device simulator in C
  • Debugged and fixed Linux audio driver issues
  • Developed a simple Linux HID input device driver
  • Created and integrated a Linux driver for a proximity sensor
  • Contributed numerous fixes to the entire software stack
  • Worked with Linux, C, Python, Bash, GLib, GTK+, Cairo, PulseAudio, ALSA, Yocto, Git, and U-Boot

August 2014 - May 2016

Applications Engineer

Logic PD Inc.

  • Supported customer integrations of Logic PD SOMs and software
  • Debugged systems used in medical and consumer applications
  • Developed software bug fixes for Linux and Android devices
  • Investigated and resolved Bluetooth issues in Logic PD’s Linux BSP
  • Created a solution for customers to update their Bluetooth stack
  • Produced documentation on Bluetooth, power management, system resets, U-Boot, Linux and Android
  • Lead schematic reviews

June 2012 - February 2014


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science
Electrical Engineering

2008 - 2012
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